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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions about Walmart-Prime.

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What is Walmart-Prime?

Walmart-Prime offers cryptocurrency mining without having to buy any equipment. Instead of it you are buying mining hashpower from our industrial mining equipment supplier BitFury with its data centers located in Canada, Norway, Iceland, and Georgia.

Walmart-Prime was created to ensure the effective mining and to provide professionals and newcomers with an access to the same quality resources as the industrial miners possess. Our cooperation with the industry leaders and access to the newest and most advanced technologies in the industry, quickly made us one of the world‘s leading mining services.

As a Walmart-Prime customer, you can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Access to the world-class data centers and network boasting more than 200 PH/s
  • Confidence that you receive only newly mined coins
  • Automatic deposit of mined coins to your balance
How does cryptocurrency mining work on your platform?

It's pretty quick and easy. As soon as we receive a payment for your order, your contract will be added to your profile. Your order consists of two parts:

  • one-time payment (not deposit) for allocation of ordered power
  • a daily maintenance fee for the equipment maintenance and its power supply

When you are paying one-time payment, you are receiving hashpower according to your contract terms and duration. You will also pay an everyday maintenance fee (for Bitcoin mining only). The maintenance fee is automatically deducted from your mined BTC volume on a daily basis. The applied BTC/USD conversion rate is based on the previous day's Bitcoin closing price in USD published on www.coinmarketcap.com. If you don't have enough balance during three days to cover your daily maintenance fee, the mining contract and service will be canceled.

How much can I earn?

Earning per day depends on many factors, such as Block reward, Difficulty, Blocks mined etc and they can't be predicted. All the mined coins will be automatically added to your balance.
Please note that our payout is based on overall network hashrate, and 100% uptime is guaranteed.
We recommend all our clients to do their own research and their own earning calculation, however, we have some helpful tools for this.
You can go to the “calculator” tab which is at the top of our website to see how you can calculate your earnings.

What does 100% uptime guarantee mean?

If you were an individual miner there would be always a possibility that your mining hardware could crash, slow down or completely break. Using our platform you will never face any issues like these.

How can I pay?
  1. Bitcoins: you can buy Bitcoin on any online exchanger:
  2. Visa/Mastercard
  3. Bank wire transfer
  4. Altcoins
What is maintenance fee?

The maintenance fee covers all costs related to mining including, inter alia:

  • electricity cost
  • cooling systems
  • maintenance work
  • hosting services
How often will I receive my coins?

Newly mined coins are credited to your balance once per day for the previous mining day.

Our minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC. You can request a withdrawal any time.

How can I get in touch with you if I need help?

Please contact us:
By email: support@Walmart-Prime.com
By phone: +14028048217
By filling out this form: https://Walmart-Prime.com/support
You may also find it useful to chat with us online.

When does mining start?

Mining starts automatically at 00:00 UTC. Mined coins are credited automatically to the customer's balance once a day for the previous mining day.

How to restore the password?

In order to restore your password, please:

  • Click on the Sign In
  • Enter your email
  • Click on the "I can't access my account"
  • You will receive an email with further step by step instructions
How do I withdraw?

In order to make a withdrawal:

  • Sign In to your account
  • Go to menu item "Balance - Withdrawal"
  • Enter amount
  • Choose your wallet (or enter new wallet)
  • Click on the withdraw button
  • You will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter your account Secret PIN
  • Incase of Forgotten PIN contact support with support@Walmart-Prime.com
  • Our minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC. You can request a withdrawal any time. Withdrawal requests are processed the next day after the request has been placed (UTC time)
Which coins do I receive for mining?
We can guarantee that you will receive only new coins, which have been recently mined. Thus, everyone can be confident that we are indeed mining coins, and we are not some Ponzi scheme.
Why does my withdrawal transaction have many different wallet addresses?
The clients' transactions are grouped together for withdrawal to optimise and increase the speed of transactions.
What does the payout amount depend on?
The payout depends on many technical factors like mining difficulty, total network hashrate, blocks mined per day, and amount of the block reward. Financial factors also affect the payout, like transaction fees or BTC/USD (and more generally, crypto/fiat) exchange rates. Note that our payout is based on 100% uptime guarantee.
The rule of thumb is that a higher BTC price means lower maintenance fees and higher total payout.
We recommend all our clients to do their own research and their own earning calculation, however, we have some helpful tools for this. You can go to the “Calculator” tab which is on the top of our website to see how you can calculate your earnings.
How am I affected if there are changes in Walmart-Prime.com ownership, legal address, or licensing terms?
Existing mining contracts will remain in full effect. Changes may be introduced into the terms and conditions of future contracts.
What is so special about the Trading Room?
First and foremost, it is a unique value proposition — it is the one and only on the Bitcoin mining market. Walmart-Prime guarantees the maximum efficiency for BTC mining rendered by the leader in the crypto mining industry — BitFury. The Trading Room is fully automated and the Trade Desk participants can directly Trade BTC mining contracts as orders and generate income from BTC mining simultaneously. Trade, speculate or HODL BTC mining contracts the way you want! The user interface is very simple and intuitive, there are no complex calculations and it is perfectly organized to satisfy the needs of every demanding customer.
What is TH/s ⋅ day?
TH/s ⋅ day is a derivative quotient of a Bitcoin mining contract conditioned by permanent change of duration. It is calculated in TH/s and multiplied by the contract timeline left before its completion. This imputed value has been introduced with an aim of organizing contracts with differential mining contracts' lifecycles and capacity to a generalized indicator, thus the possibility to equalize the input data and value adjustment.
How to submit Trade contract requests on the Trade Desk?
Select your preferred plan.
Enter necessary Trade contract parameters in the Trade Desk, by adding the amount you wish to trade with.
Minimum contract step cannot be lower than 0.00000001 BTC.
Insurance Policy
All Investment above $5000 are insured optionally on our platform incase of hack, fire outbreak on mining farms, exit or any unforeseen circumstances.
None of your funds are taking away after you pay the insurance fee which is annual fee. The bitmain pool becomes active and all commission would reflet and Withdrawals can be processed on the pool if there are no uncertainties during this period the amount is returned.
What are the important rules during mining.
  • Test plan is a one-time and should not be reinvested. Any attempt of reinvest in the test plan is violation as we always monitor IP addresses of our test plan users.
  • Any account that has a violation records during active mining should be insured in our system.
  • Insurance of any kind in our system is required to be done during 10 mining rollover before mining rig becomes efficient.
  • If account can not be insured during this period of rollover, user can do account Merging after his/her mining contract is complete before withdrawals can be processed
  • Sub-merge is accepted in any mining rig if insurance can not be done and must be processed before mining contract remains 10 rollover to be completed.
  • During merging of account, users are demanded to merge accordingly to the instruction given before initiating merge.
  • After mining is completed and insurance can not be made, the exact amount in the account can be reinvested in order to avoid account dormancy.
  • Accounts with sub-merge failure can not be reinvested in our system, so therefore it is demanded to go through merging before any activities can be done in it.